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How to find Marley Roof Tile today.

Finding reclaimed, spare or salvaged Marley Roof Tiles for repair and restoration projects can be a frustrating endeavour. Marley, a renowned manufacturer of roofing materials, has produced durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete roof tiles worldwide for decades. However, in Canada, Marley halted production at the end of the 1980’s.  Locating reclaimed tiles to match existing ones can present challenges due to variations in style, color, and condition.

Marley Factory Milton Ontario

 The first step in this process is to accurately identify the specific Marley tile model used in the original roof installation. When you contact Marley Roof Repairs, the simplest way is to take a picture of your roof and email it to us at With this information, we can quickly identify the tile and check our tile yard for the matching tile.


Before you move forward, we want to inform you that Marley Roof Repairs works all over Ontario.  If your roofer doesn’t have a tile supply, we would strongly question just how much experience they have on a tile roof.  Choosing the wrong roofer can be a costly mistake, and not having any stock tile is a sign of inexperience.


Reclaimed tiles are those removed from an original Marley roof. They are cleaned and inspected for defects. We have supplies of both standard Marley profiles and the most common grey, Brown, and Red/Orange colours.

Call us at 905-536-4412 or email to identify your tile, or have us do the work for you and book an inspection.


Marley Roof Repair works 365 days a year and is available for emergency repairs.


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