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I want my Marley Tile Roof cleaned: Can you pressure wash my roof?


With most Marley Tile roofs now more than 40 years old, it's essential to know the appropriate cleaning methods. At Marley Roof Repairs, we strongly advise homeowners against using pressure washers on their Marley roofs. In this post, we will discuss the reasons why pressure washing can be detrimental to Marley tile roofs and provide alternative, safe cleaning solutions to protect your investment.

pressure washing a tile roof


Potential Damage:

Pressure washers exert high levels of force ( 2000-3000 PSI ) that can damage a tile roof. Concrete roof tiles are far more porous than a concrete driveway. It’s that pressure which causes all the problems. Forcing high-pressure water onto a roof from all angles can create leaks by dislodging tiles, mortar and flashing metals. The powerful streams of water can also damage the surface of the tiles, compromising the roof's durability and functionality. The risk of water infiltration increases, so great pressure washing is out of the question.


But I just had the roof inspected:

So you had your roof inspected, and it’s got a clean bill of health.  That fantastic! It’s ready for years of service, protecting your home from rain, wind and snow.   Pressure washing isn’t traditional weather; it’s exponentially more focused force than even the heaviest of summer downpours.  Even after a clean bill of health, Marley Roof repair won’t risk it.

strong rain storm gutters

I saw it on the internet:

Yes, in some areas of the USA, like Florida and Texas, they routinely clean tile roofs. They generally use a process like soft washing, which uses a number of chemicals to kill or loosen the mould, mildew and algae on the roof. Once the chemicals have done their job, they rinse the roof using low-pressure water. In Ontario, the majority of cleaning is done to remove dirt from the surface of the tiles. To be effective, it requires agitation and or high pressure, which we believe should be avoided.

mossy tile roof


Safer Alternatives:

Instead of pressure washing, opt for gentler cleaning methods. Regular maintenance, including sweeping away debris and branches, can prevent buildup and prolong your roof's lifespan. Additionally, mild cleaners, low-pressure water hoses, and soft-bristle brushes can remove dirt and stains without risking damage to your Marley tile roof.  Be careful with any cleaner; if it’s not biodegradable, you must capture any runoff from your roof.

biocide on a shingle roof.



To ensure the longevity and beauty of your Marley tile roof, avoid pressure washing at all costs. The risks of damage to the roof and future leaks outweigh any immediate cleaning benefits. By choosing safer alternatives and following proper maintenance practices, you can protect your investment and enjoy the long-lasting aesthetics and functionality of your Marley tile roof. For any roofing needs or guidance, rely on the expertise of Marley Roof Repairs to maintain the integrity of your roof for years to come. Reach out to a Marley Repair expert anytime at 905-536-4412.


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