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Top 3 reasons your Marley Roof needs an inspection.

Marley concrete roof tiles were designed to last 70+ years but not all the parts of the roof do. Inspections can quickly pinpoint issues before they become major problem.

Top 3 Areas to watch. #1. Metal Flashings Metal Flashings are found anytime the roof changes direction. Most commonly seen in valleys against wall or around chimneys. These flashings were created with Lead as it's flexible and long lasting. 40 years on and they have started to crack or shrink, leaving the areas they have protected venerable to weather. #2. Missing Mortar Mortar or cement was used to fill the gaps between the main roof tile and the ridge, hips and valleys. Overtime the mortar can crack and fall out leaving holes where weather and animals can gain access to the roof.

#3. Skylights Skylights installed in the 1980's are due for replacement, not only because most have faded and become opaque but they are a common source of leaks. Replacing the skylight can save on energy as modern units are significantly more energy efficient. Routine inspections will check these top three areas as well as the rest of the roof, keeping your roof in top condition for another 3 decades. Book your inspection today! #1 in Ontario for over a decade. #marleyrooftiles #marleyconcretetile #marleyroofrepair #TileRoofsCanada


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