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How can I get more Marley roof tile?

We've heard the same excuses for years.

My roofer said you can't find this tile.

My insurance company said Marley went bust.

My neighbour said you'll never find any tile. Nobody wants to help me fix my roof.

We've heard this all 100's times in the past 20 years, and the answer is always "Your dealing with the wrong people."

Tile for Repair.

Just need a few pieces for a repair? We have a large supply of reclaimed Marley Canada tile ready for repair and restoration purposes. Our supply covers all the popular colors as well as most fittings.

Larger amounts of tile.

Do you need more tile for a major repair or an addition? We import new production Marley tile every month from the UK. This tile is the same shape and integrates perfectly with the Canadian production tiles.


Are you working with your insurance company for a tile repair? Tell them to call us directly, we can help walk them though the process of repair or restoration putting your roof back better than ever. Most insurance adjusters don't know what a Marley Concrete roof is and have no idea where to start looking.

Don't let anyone tell you that your roof can't be or isn't worth fixing. Anyone who says that isn't working in your best interest.

Call us to speak with an expert and book your inspection today!

#1 in Ontario for over a decade for a reason. We stand behind our work, not the promise of a warranty.


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