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New Marley Roofs?

A new Marley Roofs, is that even possible?  Yes!  Through our partners at Tile Roofs Canada Ltd., Marley Roof Repair has been importing new production Marley roof tile from the UK for over 15 years.  The tiles are the same high-quality, modern production as the original Canadian production from the 1980s.  


Please note that we only import roof tiles, not any of the accessory pieces, due to their incompatibility with what was used here originally.  Should you need any of those accessory pieces like ridge, hip, rake, or vent tiles, give us a call, and we can still probably help you out.


So, you need more tile to add to or restore an existing roof?  No problem; reach out to us to schedule an inspection so that we can determine the exact shape and color of your roof.  Once we know what you need, we will confirm how much you need and get you a quote for the material and shipping from the UK.   The pricing you will receive will be door-to-door, UK to Canada.  The only thing you’ll have to do is pay the bill, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Marley Stock Factory
Marley Tile Stacked

Interested in Concrete or Clay Roof Tiles?

Concrete Tile shapes

Interested in a new Concrete or Clay Tile Roof?  

For over 20 years, our partners at Tile Roofs Canada have been supplying Concrete, Clay, and Stone roofing materials to projects around North America.  Tile Roofs Canada is proud to have a nearly 20-year relationship with Eagle Concrete Tiles USA.  


Eagle makes the highest quality Concrete tiles available today.  They have the broadest range of color blends and tile profiles on the market.  We're proud to continue our partnership with delivery direct to your job site in about four weeks.  Every Eagle roof is backed by a lifetime warranty and tested for our climate, so your investment is fully protected.  Check out the full range of Eagle Tiles here.


If you're interested in a Clay tile roof, we offer a wide selection of Spanish, Mediterranean, English, and French tiles perfect to suit any project, no matter the style.

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