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Your roof plays a vital role in protecting your home. So, if minor roofing problems like small leaks and clogged gutters go unnoticed or even ignored, it may change from a small problem to a major job in just a few days. Not addressing these problems as soon as possible could cause severe damage to your home or business. Luckily, we offer a wide range of services across Ontario that help you avoid a disaster. From a dripping gutter to a broken tile, if you suspect any signs of a problem, it's best to contact us immediately to stop a small issue from becoming much larger.


Residential Roofing Services.

  • Residential Roofing Services
    Roofing problems in your home can occur at any time. Failing to maintain your roof system could put your family’s health and safety at stake. As homeowners, we know the importance of finding a contractor you can rely entirely on. From repairing cracked or broken roof tiles to repairing a large roof section, we’ll get it done quickly, safely, and correctly. 

  • We stand behind the quality of work, not just a paper warranty.

  • Roofing Inspections
    Roofing inspections are the best way to have peace of mind to know that your roof is performing as intended and that nothing needs addressing.  If your roofers find something during an inspection, they will inform you if it's urgent or something that can wait to be addressed.

  • Insurance Services
    The needs of the insurance industry are wide and diverse. Whether you are a homeowner needing a repair after a storm or an insurance adjuster unsure of the type of roof they are inspecting, our team of experts can respond quickly to keep all parties happy. We keep repair materials on hand, are ready to respond, and are familiar with all types of production and historic roofing materials.  


Marley Roof Tile Repair

Our work is known around Ontario. Marley, concrete, clay, and slate roofs are incredibly strong and long-lasting.  In most cases, the repair work we complete is easy to fix.  Missing or cracked tiles, dry mortar and cement finishing, replacement of old metal flashings.  These everyday items need a little TLC from time to time.  These roofs are designed to last 60-75 years, but the accessory pieces might not be. Essential maintenance is vital to keep the roof in tip-top shape for its entire life. We offer yearly maintenance packages for our clients to catch items before they appear and become a more significant, more costly issue.

Common Repair Issues.

  • Missing or cracked tile

  • Dry mortar or cement pointing

  • Aged or shrinking metal flashings

  • Damage from unskilled roofers

Contact us today to keep your repair bills low and your problems fixed before they grow. Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412


Leak Investigations

Any signs of water in your home is a major red flag.  Leaks take time to find their way to the point visible on a ceiling, wall, or chimney.  We will investigate the source of the leak and repair it correctly before it becomes a much larger problem.

Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412

Common Leak Sources

  • Flashings at walls or chimneys

  • Skylights

  • Valleys

  • Missing or cracked mortar

  • Missing or cracked roof tiles.

Leaks happen, especially on roofs nearing 40 years of age.  With decades of experience, we can get your leak fixed the first time correctly.

Storm Damage

Have you recently experienced a strong storm and are worried about your roof?  Is there debris or hail damage on your roof?  We can quickly respond to inspect and repair all types of storm damage.  We maintain a stock of Marley and historic tiles to service our customers.  If your roof can’t be immediately repaired, we will protect it to reduce further damage until we can return.

Common Sources of Storm Damage

  • Trees or limbs impacting the roof

  • Large hail

  • Snow and ice movement

  • Unskilled workers on the roof.

Available 24/7 and with tile in stock, we can get your home protected and your repairs completed fast. Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412


Skylight Servicing & Repairs

Are your skylights cloudy or foggy?  Are they stained or starting to yellow?  Have you noticed discoloration or leaks on the ceiling near the skylight?   These are why having your skylights repaired or replaced is worth the investment.  Modern skylights are far more energy-efficient than those from the ’80s and ’90s.  You may even qualify for a rebate program to replace old skylights.  We can replace or repair your skylights while preserving the tile around them, keeping the investment of your tile roof as strong as ever.

Common Skylight Issues

  • Worn-out or dry gaskets

  • Failing flashings

  • Cloudy or foggy plastic

  • Broken or Cracked frames

  • Leaking seals

  • Clogged or poor drainage.

Don't keep throwing money away on old, worn, out skylights.  Let us replace them with new modern, efficient units today. Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412

 Insurance Claims

Are you working with your insurance company to repair your roof?  Have they told you it can’t be repaired and must be replaced?  Let us give you our expert opinion.  We’ve helped countless homeowners across Ontario when working through their insurance companies.  In most cases, the adjuster has incorrect information about the ability to repair Marley roofs.  We keep a tile stock available to quickly repair almost any Marley, concrete, or clay roof.  Don’t let the insurance company pressure you to replace your long-lasting roof with something inferior.

Common Insurance Claim Issues.

  • The tile isn’t available anymore.

  • The company went out of business.

  • Nobody fixes those roofs.

  • We can replace the roof with shingles for less

  • The cost is too high

Don't let anyone tell you that your roof can't be repaired or replaced without speaking to our experts.  Since the early 2000's we've been working with clients and their insurance companies to resolve these issues to keep everyone happy. Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412

Wildlife Issues

Wildlife, whether birds, squirrels, or even raccoons, are unwelcome guests in your home.  They can cause significant damage and disruption to your home.  We regularly work with skilled wildlife managers to remove unwanted visitors safely and humanely before we permanently close the entrance they found to your roof.

Common Wildlife Issues

  • Unwelcome house guests

  • Damage to insulation and electrical wiring

  • Leaks are caused by nesting.

  • New openings could further damage the roof.

  • Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412

Home Inspections

Are you purchasing a home with a Marley or other type of tile roof?  Are you concerned that the roof may hide issues and costs that the average home inspector will miss?  We can complete an inspection and provide you with a report which can offer you peace of mind or provide leverage during negotiation.

Common Inspection Issues

  • Unskilled inspectors are missing what is obvious to us

  • Inspectors are unwilling to climb the roof to do a thorough inspection

  • Damaged caused by an unskilled inspector

  • Low quality, quick patches missed by the inspector

Let us provide you peace of mind that the roof is in good condition and your bid price is based on a professional inspection. Call our experts today at 1-905-536-4412

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