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Have a Marley tile issue on a commercial property? We work with all styles of commercial buildings, and our customers benefit from knowing the issue will be dealt with properly and safely by factory-trained roofers.

  • We understand the need to get commercial repairs done quickly to keep your operation open for your clients.  We can tackle any emergency repairs.

  • A fully trained, fully insured crew means you have peace of mind while the work’s in progress and that it lasts once it’s done.

  • With 25+ years of experience, we’ve seen all the issues on every type of roof, and we know the repairs that work.

Comfort Inn Hotel Marley Roof

Do you own or manage a Comfort Inn with a Marley Roof?

Journeys End, Comfort Inn, or Howard Johnsons, we've fixed them all.

Marley Roof Tile was installed on hotels across Ontario and Quebec. These roofs have served their owners well, living up to the promise of low maintenance and operation costs. But like residential roofs, these commercial applications need attention as they age.

Marley Roof Repairs has been travelling across the province, maintaining these roofs for over two decades.   We've continued to uphold the promise of a long-lasting product with low maintenance costs.


  • Roof Restoration and general maintenance. From a broken or cracked tile to a complete valley replacement. We can bring your roof back up to top condition. 

  • Don't have a Marley roof, don't worry. We can source nearly any clay or concrete tile produced in the past 50 years.

  • Insurance Repairs. Has your roof suffered damage from an accident? We can work with you and your insurance company to quickly and smoothly repair the damage and get the impacted areas back open.

  • Snow Retention: Do you have issues with snow or ice in the winter? We can inspect the areas and make recommendations on how they can be resolved to keep your guests and staff safe.

Why Marley Roof Repair for Commercial Roofing & Restoration Services?

No matter how big or small your roofing problem may be, Marley Roof Repair serves all sizes and types of commercial locations. We understand the importance of keeping your business or facility running all the time. We specialize in commercial roofing services, including repairs, new builds, and ongoing maintenance.

Our roofers are knowledgeable and equipped with the experience and knowledge to achieve the best result. We want to make your life easier and get your business back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible.

But there are more reasons for choosing Marley Roof Repair for your concrete, clay, or slate repairs! We pride ourselves as a company that meets the following standards:

  • Availability
    We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days of a year!

  • Honest and Dependable
    We provide honest, high-quality service by experienced factory-trained experts.

  • Fully Insured
    As a professional company since the early 2000s, we can take full responsibility for all your roofing needs. 

  • Priority Scheduling
    Have an emergency? We have you covered. Whenever you need us, we’ll put you on the top list.

Roof inspector

Not Sure What's on your roof?

  Don't worry just send us a picture and we'll stop all the guessing so you can get the correct repair or material the first time.   

Broken tiles on a roof

Text or Email us a picture of your roof.

Cleaning up gutters

I've been looking for weeks!

Probably the most common thing we hear.  We deal with historic, European, and even Asian tile and slate, importing to Canada nearly every day of the year.   

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