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Started in the early 2000s as a division of Canada's largest concrete and clay tile importer. Marley Roof Repair has become the #1 provider of Marley Roof Repair service in Ontario. Seeing a growing number of clients left with only poor choices when repairing their roofs, we have established a group of talented, skilled tilers.  We have the only Marley factory-trained roofer who leads our team. Unlike here in Canada, roofers in the UK must apprentice before being able to work on tile roofs.   We continue that tradition of excellence and craftsmanship here in Ontario by offering skilled repair work rather than just patches and a paper warranty.


Marley Roof Repair works on all types of tile and stone roofs.  Concrete Tile, Clay Tile and Slate roofs are found across Ontario, and we've worked on them all.  We've worked on Ludowici, Imerys, Edilands, Eagle, Monier, and Gladding McBean roofs, just to name a few.   We can identify historic tile roofs and have access to matching tiles, which can be on site in just a few days. .   We undertake inspections and reporting for many industries with tile and slate roofs.  We understand and regularly work with some of the largest insurance campaigns across the country. 

  • Residential construction

  • Commercial plazas

  • Hotels & Banquet facilities

  • Universities and Religious buildings

  • Historic restoration


Marley Roof Repair provides fast, reliable, and effective roofing since the early 2000s. We are the only Marley factory-trained roofers working in Ontario.  We know your roof inside and out because we may have installed it.  Our work is backed up by decades of experience, not just the promise of a paper warranty.  We inspect the whole roofing system to identify the exact cause of the problem and complete repair work rather than just patch problems.  We are your locally trusted roofer in the GTA and across Ontario, and our goal is to keep our customer’s life easy. 

But there are more reasons for choosing us! We pride ourselves as a company that meets the following standards: 

  • We offer roofing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days of the year.

  • As professional and fully insured roofers, we can take full responsibility for all your roofing issues and needs. 

  • Factory-trained, certified, with decades of practical tile roofing experience.

  • Our roofers handle all roofing and restoration projects. 

For more information or to schedule your appointment, call us today at  (905) 536-4412.

What Happened to Marley Roof Tiles in Canada?

Marley Factory Milton_edited.jpg

Marley Roof Tiles Limited started concrete roof tile production in the spring of 1982 in Milton Ontario.  It operated at the same location until it closed in 1989. The Milton Ontario factory produced two shapes of tiles one flat and the more popular wave shape. This more popular shape was called Classic in Canada and in UK it was known as the Mendip.

The Classic tile was the lighter of the two weighing 10.6lbs each. The classic tile was 13" wide by 16 1/4" in length by 1 3/4" thick.  Classic was offered in five colors, Acorn, Saddle Brown, Wood Smoke, Maple Red, and Redwood.

Production of the classic tile continues today in the UK; Marley Roof Repair brings in new production tiles monthly for projects across Ontario. Smaller repair and restoration projects are most often completed using our supply of reclaimed Marley tiles.

The closure of the factory wasn't due to a lack of sales which were growing year over year but by being caught up in the sale of parent company.  The factory briefly reopened in the early 90's as Marley Sterling but closed soon after.

Marley Roof Repair is in no way affiliated with Marley Roof Tiles Limited, Marley Sterling on Marley UK.  We offer repair and restoration services by factory trained roofers for the original roofs as well as importing tile from the UK as required.  Our decades of experience makes us the best and only qualified roofers to repair your Marley roof.

A Gallery of Work


We wanted an inspection done on our roof after a bad storm.  They found no damage, cleaned a few branches and cleaned my gutters.  The price was very reasonable.

- J. Platt, Acton  Ontario 


They were able to repair my roof as soon as the snow was gone.  The repair was finished in a few hours and they even cleaned out my gutter at no cost while they were on the roof.

- Tony, Oakville Ontario 

Andy and his guys worked though the winter to finish the repair of my roof. I can't thank them enough for getting it finished on time.

-Marco, Windsor Ontario​

"I had a wonderful experience with Marley Roof Repair. Their team was professional and efficient, and the quality of their work was outstanding. I would use them again!"

-London Ontario​

I can't say enough good things about Marley Roof Repair! The team did an excellent job on my roof. I would recommend them to anyone in need of tile roofing services.

-Diane, Brampton Ontario​

I had a great experience with Marley Roof Repair! They were prompt, and organized, and did an excellent job on my Marley roof. I highly recommend them!

-Laura, Milton Ontario​

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