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Top 3 Winter Tile Roof Issues: Protecting Your Home with Marley Roof Repair

As winter continues, it's important for homeowners with tile roofs to be aware of the potential issues they may face during this season. At Marley Roof Repairs, we understand the unique challenges that winter can pose for tile roofs. In this post, we will discuss the top three winter tile roof issues and provide valuable insights on how to protect your home from these potential problems.

Freezing and Thawing:

One of the primary concerns during winter is the repeated cycle of freezing and thawing. As temperatures fluctuate, the water trapped in and around a tile roof can expand and contract, leading to cracks, open joints or even roof leaks. It is crucial to ensure proper inspection and maintenance of your tile roof to prevent water infiltration and potential damage to your home's interior.

roofer inspecting a leaking tile roof

Ice Dams:

Ice dams are another common issue that can affect tile roofs in winter. When warm air from your home rises to the roof and melts the snow, the water can refreeze at the eaves of your roof, forming ice dams. These ice dams can prevent proper drainage and potentially lead to water seeping under the tiles and causing damage. Regular inspections and timely removal of ice dams are vital in safeguarding your roof's integrity.

Ice Damn on a roof

Heavy Snow Accumulation:

Tile roofs are generally durable and can withstand heavy snow loads. However, excessive snow accumulation can put undue stress on your roof, potentially leading to structural damage, leaks, or even collapse. Regular snow removal and proactive measures, such as installing snow guards, can help prevent costly damage caused by snow buildup.

worker cleaning snow off a roof


Winter brings its own set of challenges for tile roofs, but with proper care and maintenance, you can mitigate the risks and protect your home. At Marley Roof Repairs, we specialize in addressing and resolving these winter tile roof issues. By being aware of freezing and thawing, ice dams, and heavy snow accumulation, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your home and ensure the longevity of your roof. Don't hesitate to reach out to our experts for professional roofing services and guidance tailored to your specific needs. Stay ahead of winter roof problems with Marley Roof Repairs. Reach out to a Marley Repair expert anytime at 905-536-4412.


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