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Preparing your Marley roof for Spring.

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Winter snow, spring winds, and Marley Roofs.

Winters cold has come and gone and the strong spring winds have arrived in Ontario. Warm spring days bring strong winds and driving rain. Marley Roofs are up to the task of keeping your house warm and dry but there are areas which you need to watch.

This is typical damage you will see every spring on Ashpalt roofs. The poor installation methods and product lead to the shingles peeling back and exposing the roof deck.

Tile Roof Inspections

As tile roofs age the cement mortar which holds the ridge and hip tiles in place on the roof can start to dry, crack and fall out of place. When this happens it gives the wind a place to get under the tile and dislodge it. Issues like loose ridge and hip tiles are easily found as they look out of place.

If you see a tile out of place on your roof don't wait. If ignored it could fall out of place causing a much larger problem.

Call Marley Roof Repair today at 905-536-4412 to schedule your repair or Spring inspection.

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