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What happened to Marley Canada?


When we visit or speak to clients the most common question is always what happened to Marley Roof Tiles Canada?

Marley Roof Tiles Limited opened a factory at 281 Alliance Rd, Milton Ontario Canada in the spring of 1981 starting concrete roof tile production in the spring of 1982. It operated at the same location the iconic blue factory until it closed in 1989. The Milton Ontario factory produced two shapes of tiles one flat and the more popular wave shape. This more popular shape was called Classic in Canada and in UK it was known as the Mendip.

The Classic tile was the lighter of the two weighing 10.6lbs each. The classic tile was 13" wide by 16 1/4" in length by 1 3/4" thick. Classic was offered in five colors, Acorn, Saddle Brown, Wood Smoke, Maple Red, and Redwood.

Production of the classic tile continues today in the UK; Marley Roof Repair brings in new production tiles monthly for projects across Ontario. Smaller repair and restoration projects are most often completed using our supply of reclaimed Marley tiles.

The closure of the factory wasn't due to a lack of sales which were growing year over year but by being caught up in the sale of parent company. The factory briefly reopened in the early 90's as Marley Sterling but unfortunately closed soon after.

So thats the answer of how Marley Canada started and what ultimately ended production nearly a decade later. We're proud to continue to service the 1000's of roofs which were installed during the operation of the factory. 40 years later the majority of the roofs are still in place and with basic maintenance will continue to keep their owners safe a dry for decades to come.

Just an FYI: Marley Roof Repair is in no way affiliated with Marley Roof Tiles Limited, Marley Sterling on Marley UK. We offer repair and restoration services by factory trained roofers for the original roofs as well as importing tile from the UK as required. Our decades of experience makes us the best and only qualified roofers to repair your Marley roof.


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