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Summer maintenance for a tile roof.

Summer Maintenance Tips for a Marley Concrete Roof. Summer is the perfect time for another look at your roof. Here are our top 5 tips for making sure your Marley roof is in great condition going into the fall. Just a remainder that even if you have a low-pitched roof you should always have a trained, experienced tiler do any maintenance or repair work.

Basic Cleaning. Excess debris in valleys and gutters should be cleaned regularly. Any debris on a roof can impact the flow of water away from its intended path. Fallen branches from summer storms should be cleared. Overhanging trees should be cut back to lessen the risk of future damage.

Flashing and Vents. Most vent pipes, plumbing stacks and skylights use a less durable flashing material which over time can shrink or pull away from the tile. When these flashing pull away, they open a direct path for moisture to enter the sub roof area.

Attic Inspection. Summer is a good time to make sure your attic is breathing correctly. When you’re in an attic you should feel cooler air being drawn in though the sofets. A quick look around and you’ll see if you have any mold, moisture or even animals which are calling it home.

Broken Tiles. Tiles can end up broken for a variety of reasons. A cracked or broken tile can let not only water into a sub roof but also UV light which can damage the roof’s underlayment. If not addressed this can quickly turn into a major leak.

Repairing Missing Mortar. Mortar is commonly found between the field and cap tiles. Over time mortar can shrink and crack leading to chunks falling out opening up holes that moisture can enter.

Please don’t attempt any work you’re not comfortable. It’s much easier and in most cases much less expensive to call a professional first rather than attempting a repair yourself or having an unskilled roofer attempt the work.

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