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Prep Your Roof for Fall Weather.

Don't wait to complete these tasks; winter and snow are just around the corner. Keep your roof in tip-top shape with this quick list.

Regularly check your for falling debris..

Even if the leaves are just starting to turn, you should check your roof for any falling debris. Twigs, leaves or the occasional missing baseball should be removed from the roof. Keeping up with the roof is an important part of maintaining the health of your house. Avoiding debris buildup means avoiding any of the issues (or even erosion) that can come from the debris on your roof.


Keep the gutters clean.

Gutters will hold quite a bit of fallen debris, especially when it rains. You can easily clean the gutters with basic tools or a gloved hand. Downspouts can be cleaned out with fish tape or plumbing slake.


Check for damage

No need to climb or ladder to inspect your roof, just take a look out a window or from the lawn and see if anything looks out of place. Your roof is the most important exterior element of our home, keeping more weather out than any other part. Take a few minutes and look for things out of place, dark patches and broken tiles.


Check for leaks

Even if your attic has not been insulated, you should take some time to check for leaks this fall. Not doing so could result in damage during the winter months as the snow melts on the roof. Check for damp or dark spots on the roof trusses, around any vents or pipe opening, and if you have one around the bricks of a chimney.


Should you notice any issues with your roof or would like our professional roofers to do a complete inspection for you Contact us at 905-536-4412. We will be happy to keep your roof in tip-top shape.


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