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Cloudy, Foggy, Leaking Skylights

Top 3 indicators it's time for a new skylight.

Have you found a leak near your skylight? That’s not something to delay getting it looked at.

A skylight is a large hole in your roof, making any water leak a direct path to the finished area of your home. Skylight leaks left unrepaired can easily cause thousands if not 10’s of thousands in damage.

Top 3 reasons you’re a skylight leaks on a Marley roof.

Reason #1: Age. Skylights don’t last forever the lifespan of skylights is 25-30 years. Skylights are just a window material sitting in a metal frame. Leaks can occur between the glass and the frame and the frame and the roof. Flashings, frame and the skylight windows all fail over time. As one part shrinks another expands you have a leak.

Reason #2: Flashings. Flashings are the connection between your skylight frame and the tiles. This barrier prevents moisture like rain or snow from getting under the tiles and into the sub roof. Flashings can lift away from the tiles or the skylight frame, both will cause a leak.

Reason #3: Cracked or disrupted tiles. Tiles around a skylight are usually cut. These cut tiles can move over time, a tile just a few CM out of place can allow water or snow into the sub roof causing a leak.

How do I fix a leaky skylight on a Marley roof?

Call a professional, do not allow anyone on the roof who doesn’t have years and years of experience with roof tile. The average roofing company doesn’t have the skill set required to perform the inspection let alone the repair on a tile roof.

Marley Roof Repair has been installing and replacing skylights on Marley roofs around Ontario for well over a decade. We can inspect your roof and determine the precise cause of the leak. In some cases, the skylight can be fixed rather than needing to be fully replaced.

Do you have cloudy or foggy skylights? We can replace your old skylights with energy efficient modern skylights brightening up your home and replacing the old inefficient units.

Book your inspection today! #1 in Ontario for over a decade.


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