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Ask for references, and don't forget the warranty.

A sad fact that we face almost weekly these days is the blatant exaggeration of some roofer's experience with premium roofing materials. By premium, I mean Concrete, Clay Slate and Stone. These are specialized materials that require years of experience before you can comfortably call yourself experienced.

Selling a tall tale.

Somebody sold this client a story about the experience and expertise of the roofer. The roofer purchased it without going through the representative, leaving the client without a warranty for his new roof. That alone is shady, but the roofer far exaggerated their experience, and it shows with a long list of deficiencies.

The materials did their job despite the shoddy installation until one windy day when nearly all the hip and ridge tiles blew off the roof.

  • Missing hip nailer

  • Missing tile fastener

  • Missing flashings

  • Missing tile clips.

  • Missing mortar or finishing work.

These are just a few details that were missed across the roof.

A premium roof is a significant investment which is why they are sold through manufactures representatives. The representative works on the client's behalf to make sure that they are getting exactly what they need for the roof but also keeps the roofer honest by double-checking the installation work.

Had this client used a manufacturer representative, they would have stopped the roofer and offered assistance and education on the correct installation procedures, saving the clients from a huge repair and restoration bill later.

How can you protect yourself?

As and verify the roofer's work. Ask them to see a few homes using the materials you're interested in that they've completed. Speak to those homeowners; most will be happy to share their experiences as they are proud of how the home turned out. Driving by a few addresses isn't good enough; talk to the owners.

Get a copy of the warranty: this seems simple, but it's a vital part of the process. If the selling party can't get you a warranty this is a huge red flag. The warranty will be available on the delivery of the materials. A letter from the factory can be requested at any point confirming that the order was placed by an authorized party. We provide these letters to clients all the time. It shows the client that the order has been placed and gives a projected pickup timeframe.

Didn't buy the roof from us?

Don't worry, we will be happy to protect your investment by inspecting the installation before you make your final payment to the contractor.


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