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Protecting your home, your roofs #1 Job.

Your tile roof is a huge asset to your home. Not only does it keep the weather out it's long life keeps your living costs down. Whether you are the original homeowner or the fifth, your Marley Concrete Roof is a very valuable asset to your home. Concrete roofs, properly maintained can last at least 60-70 years in Canada.

Not all the components of a roof system are designed to last that long which is why it's important to have the roof inspected every few years. Finding things before they become big issues can save $1000's over time in additional repairs.

Inspections take roughly an hour and at the end you'll be given a report on the health of the roof and its components. The report will outline what needs to be done first and what items are less urgent. You'll know upfront the time and expected cost of any repair.

Marley Roof Repairs stands behind all of its work, not just the offer of a warranty.

Book your inspection today! #1 in Ontario for over a decade.


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